Allen, Texas Mass Shooting

Allen, Texas Mass Shooting

It was exactly one week ago today when an armed gunman pulled up to our local Allen Premium Outlet Mall and opened fire on a crowd of people. Six-year-old William Cho’s mother, father, and three-year-old brother were among the casualties. Five others were among the deceased. Two of them, Daniela and Sofia Mendoza, were Elementary School children.
The tragedy shook us and the world to its core.

At Natural Stone Designs we exceedingly grieved for William who lost his entire family within a few minutes. Mass shootings in the United States have become all too common and when it happens locally it’s especially shocking and heart-wrenching because it could have been any one of us or our beloveds.

When our boss and owner of Natural Stone Designs, Jose Rodriquez, found out that the Cho Family had been faithful and dedicated Christians of a local Carrollton Church, he personally delivered a stuffed elephant and a large contribution to William through his church in hopes of making a positive difference in our community and to ease our collective heartache.

We hope and pray that William and all survivors can eventually find peace and heal from this unfathomable tragedy. Our thoughts are with him and everyone impacted by the Allen Premium Outlet Mall shooting. We send out prayers of healing and love.

The GoFundMe campaigns for William raised nearly 2 million dollars. Our attention has now shifted to the other victims and their families. Please donate to one or all of these verified GoFundMe accounts.

Victims First:
Mendoza Family:
LaCour Family:

At Natural Stone Designs we value love and peace more than anything. We hope and pray that mass shootings become a thing of the past.

We are grateful for the police officer who risked his own life to take down the shooter, and we honor one of the officers from the Carrollton Police Department who was there in dutiful service. We sponsor our Carrollton Police Department and have much respect for all first responders who risk their lives to ensure our safety and survival. God bless them!!

In honor of the following victims and their loved ones:

James Cho, 3
Cindy Cho, 35
Kyu Cho, 37
Sofia Mendoza, 8
Daniela Mendoza, 11
Christian LaCour, 20
Aishwarya Thatikonda, 26
Elio Cumana-Rivas, 32


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