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Why not display your champagne or wine collection in the most elegant way possible with a marble wall? Our client picked one of the most sophisticated marble: the sought-after Sahara Noir, which is mined in Tunisia. How would this look in your home, or would you pick a different marble? Do you need more information?


Take a look at this beautiful champagne wall we created with two Sahara Noir marble slabs with deep golden, rustic, and white bold veining against the smooth black polished stone.

Sahara Noir marble makes any space sophisticated. It is impossible to ignore its breathtaking beauty.

We drilled 194 holes into the marble. The pegs hold 97 bottles of champagne.

Our team installed lights that are embedded into the stone with 4 48-inch LED panels. The colors of the lights and the veins of the marble are coordinated to match the labels of the champagne bottles. It’s something we, at Natural Stones Designs, did to add a nice touch and make this a special feature in this beautiful home.

We can create a champagne wall for you in your home that elegantly displays your champagne or wine bottles.

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