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Kenny Scroggins, GM

Mr. Scroggins oversees daily operations and all aspects of the business. With twenty-four years of experience in the construction industry and many years in sales, Kenny ensures that our clients are happy and our CEO’s goals are met.

Marce Delgado, Sr. PM

Mrs. Delgado has been with us for over a decade. Without her joyful, warm-hearted, yet firm and professional attitude, not much would get done. Marce (pronounced Marcy) also serves as our Job Processor and Installations Coordinator.

Estela Rodriguez, HR Mgr.

Estela helps the members of the company feel appreciated and well-trained in their positions . Having worked with many people from different backgrounds in the past has enabled her to generate a good and healthy working environment.

Ruth Ortega, Accounting 

An introvert with a passion for numbers and making them work. As our Accounts Receivable/Accounts Payable team member, Ruth ensures that our clients’ materials are ordered and paid for in a timely manner.

Marco Cola, Sales Manager

Marco’s been on both sides of wholesale and fabrication with opportunities to spend time overseas at quarries in Italy and Spain. With vision, attention to detail, and outstanding listening skills, he is an integral member of our company.

Nathalie Duarte, PM

What makes Nathalie special is that she is very outgoing and cheerful. She is always willing to help others achieve their highest potential. Her family has worked in the construction industry for many decades and now it’s her time to shine at Natural Stone Designs!

Gustavo Perez, PM

The experience of being a General Manager of a restaurant for many years has been formidable in the problem-solving skills that he now brings to Natural Stone Designs. In his free time, he paints, is into photography, and collects vinyl records.

Stephanie Rodriguez

A digital and content marketer, and an excellent photographer who provides us with images of our completed projects, team members, and products in our showroom. She possesses outstanding communication skills and a creative mind.

Alejandro Rodriguez, EA

Our exceptional executive assistant is very adept at optimizing company operations. Alejandro streamlines processes, ensuring seamless workflow. He tackles complex technology queries and enhances team productivity.

Katelyn LaBar, Assistant PM

Being new to the business does not stop Katelyn. She is inquisitive and continually learning. With her powerful organizational skills, we have an effortless system that works. Katelyn is kind, sweet and helpful to all of her colleagues.

Januel Guray, PM

Januel has been in the construction business, mostly multi-living and commercial for the last five years and has recently  joined the cutting- edge side of the custom business. Januel is excited to be a part of NSD’s growing team.

Isabel Rodriguez, PM

A graduate from the University of North Texas in Denton. Utilizing her diverse background in retail and customer service, she optimizes her passion for digging deep to solve problems and build strong, working relationships with people.

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