The Low Down on Sealants

Most Stone Sealants Don’t Work Well

You invested in an amazing marble countertop and love walking into your kitchen throughout the day to admire it, and all your friends and family absolutely love it. You’ve been advised to put a sealer on that baby to preserve the sheen and prevent etching. Cool!

A year goes by and you start to notice marks and some etching, and you freak out because you know that that piece of natural stone is 4-5 MILLION YEARS OLD and completely unique. No other one like it on the planet.

The problem is that most people take their investment for granted when they seal it. They tend to think that it is forever armored against chemicals, acidic foods, liquids, and scratches.

Most sealers wear off quickly because they are water-based, cheap, with an active ingredient that is only 3-7%  on average.

At Natural Stone Designs, we use a sealant that has an active ingredient of 70% and our sealant is silicone based that penetrates 9-13 mm deep into the stone because the molecules are 400% smaller than other sealants on the market.

We help protect your investment with the best on the market because we care about our customers. You’re family to us.

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