How to Care for & Seal Your Countertops

Don’t be afraid of natural stone just because it needs periodic sealing. The sealing process is very easy! A 10-year old could even do it!

Natural stone has tiny cavities that allow liquids and oils to seep in but fear not! Great sealers help protect you from those pesky stains. And if you do get a stain, this blog will help you get it out.

Key Factors:

CLEAN: Clean your countertops thoroughly with mild dish soap and water, and dry with a clean soft cloth.
STAINS: Remove any stains using a poultice. This process takes time as it works as a mud mask for your stone. Simply apply the paste as directed, cover with plastic and tape off the edges and wait 24-48 hours till completely dry. The poultice gradually draws the stain out of the stone, into the clay that you simply scrape away the clay when dry. This process may need to be repeated for tough stains. Cost $15-$25

Poultice brands:
Aqua Mix Poultice Stain Remover
VMC Poultice Oil & Stain Remover
TeClean Stain Poultice Powder

Seal: Purchase a high-quality food-safe impregnating sealer. Purchase from a stone warehouse as they carry the best brands locally but you can also purchase online. Follow the directions and apply a thin even coat. Wait the prescribed time. For those that have an active kitchen, a second coat will offer added protection, applied typically 15 minutes-4 hours after the first coat, depending on the brand. This process should be done annually, more often for softer stones like marble in kitchens or active families that may use cleaners that are not designed for stone. Cost $20-$50

Three great sealers:
Akemi Nano Effect Sealer
DryTreat Stain Proof Plus
Sprint Anti-Drop Stone Impregnator

DAILY CLEANING: THIS IS IMPORTANT! Your countertops are ready to use again but it is extremely important to use the proper cleaners as cleaning products such as 409, Windex, and the like break down sealers making them more susceptible to stains. Use mild dish soap and water for daily cleaning or a high-quality cleaner with a sealer built-in. If you have a maid, supply them with a high-quality food-safe cleaner that not only cleans but deposits a little bit of sealer every time they are used. High-quality cleaners with sealers should be purchased from a stone supplier to ensure you are getting the best and most effective products. Cost $15-25

Some good brands:

StoneTech Revitalizing Cleaner

How to use poultice by the Marble Institute of America

How to care for your stone by the Marble Institute of America

Stone requires a very basic understanding to keep them protected and annual or bi-annual sealing. The process is simple. If you have reservations about doing it yourself or have deep stains you can’t remove through these methods, contact us and we will be happy to come out and give your stone a face-lift.

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