The Best Countertop Materials for an Outdoor Kitchen

An outdoor kitchen is one of the best ways to entertain friends and family. Outdoor kitchens allow you to enjoy the weather and stay connected with everyone while you cook up a feast. There is just something about cooking outdoors that appeals to people as well. But, if you want to incorporate an outdoor kitchen, [...]

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Kitchen Countertop Ideas That Pay Off

When it comes to kitchen countertops, there are probably a variety of reasons why you might want to redo yours. Maybe they’ve become damaged beyond the point of salvation, or you’re ready for a new color scheme in your kitchen. Maybe you’re doing a complete renovation and they just don’t fit the style you want [...]

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A Notable Natural Stone Designs Project

  Details of our work: There were 4 bathrooms. We installed marble walls, countertops and bathtub decks. The master bath suite is the white marble with the tan veins The other 3 baths have white marble walls with grey veins on the tub deck & countertops. On these, you will see “book matched” walls where [...]

Contemporary Kitchen Designs

When we think of natural stone countertops, some of us think in terms of marble slabs that round nicely and flow into waterfall side panels. In. One. Solid. Piece. One of our latest remodeling jobs will make you rethink traditional kitchen design. The featured image shows a contemporary kitchen that we created from scratch. The [...]

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Natural Stone or Engineered Stone Countertops?

We hear this question a lot! There is no substitute for natural stone. Not only is natural stone completely unique, with no other like it, but the quality of natural stone holds up for hundreds of years when it’s cared for. Some natural stone artistry throughout the world has been preserved, even without being sealed. [...]

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How Brazilian Granite Is Used by Homeowners

Brazil has established itself as one of the one leaders of granite, with 5.3 tons produced annually and nearly half of all the natural stone produced. Most of the Brazilian granite is exported to the United States, China, and Italy. Brazilian marble was discovered by Italian immigrants who had immigrated with their knowledge and experience [...]

How to Care for & Seal Your Countertops

Don’t be afraid of natural stone just because it needs periodic sealing. The sealing process is very easy! A 10-year old could even do it! Natural stone has tiny cavities that allow liquids and oils to seep in but fear not! Great sealers help protect you from those pesky stains. And if you do get [...]

Choosing Stone Type For Countertops

These days there are so many options for your new countertops and the type of stone you choose reflects your style as well as your lifestyle. Here are some things to consider when selecting the type of stone for your project: Are you willing to seal your countertops from time to time? […]

Grey is the New White: What’s Trending in Kitchen Design

For years, people were selecting darker granites, earthy tones and putting them with darker cabinets but today that has completely flipped. The modern and traditional trend in countertops now is lights, whites, greys, and can incorporate beige and “greige” accents in the stone, splash, and paint. Greige is a warm toned grey that can be [...]

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