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Kitchen Design Trends in 2023

2023 Kitchen Design Trends Will there be a radical change in kitchen designs? The short answer is no, but things are changing toward a warmer, cozier feel. First, the all-white kitchen with white Carrera marble countertops is out. This design has been around for a while now and it’s been overdone. The industry now has [...]

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Latest Trends in Kitchen & Bathroom Design: Stone Cabinet Cladding

The kitchen is a place to gather, and thus the space deserves considerable attention to detail and design. Utilizing different trending design tactics, you can craft the perfect space, whether you prefer a modern look or a traditional feel (or both!). Below, we’ve discussed the latest trends in kitchen and bathroom design, and how you [...]

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A Notable Natural Stone Designs Project

  Details of our work: There were 4 bathrooms. We installed marble walls, countertops and bathtub decks. The master bath suite is the white marble with the tan veins The other 3 baths have white marble walls with grey veins on the tub deck & countertops. On these, you will see “book matched” walls where [...]

Contemporary Kitchen Designs

When we think of natural stone countertops, some of us think in terms of marble slabs that round nicely and flow into waterfall side panels. In. One. Solid. Piece. One of our latest remodeling jobs will make you rethink traditional kitchen design. The featured image shows a contemporary kitchen that we created from scratch. The [...]

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Grey is the New White: What’s Trending in Kitchen Design

For years, people were selecting darker granites, earthy tones and putting them with darker cabinets but today that has completely flipped. The modern and traditional trend in countertops now is lights, whites, greys, and can incorporate beige and “greige” accents in the stone, splash, and paint. Greige is a warm toned grey that can be [...]

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