Another Cool Tidbit About Sealants

In our last blog, we wrote about the importance of sealant on natural stone countertops. However, we do not only use sealants for countertops. We also use it for outdoor installations and outdoor flooring. Any stone can benefit from an application of sealant, especially porous types, like limestone.

What exactly is our supplier’s sealant made of and why is it considered the best on the market?
A lot of research and science has gone into the product itself. Here is what sets their product apart from the competition (taken from their homepage):

“The special penetrating sealer molecules are hundreds of times smaller than competitor stone sealers and penetrate much deeper into the pore structure, even dense natural stones like granite. Inside the pores our special sealing molecules bond permanently by chemical reactions, creating a substantial, deep oil and water-repellent barrier.

The deeper Dry-Treat barrier not only provides great surface stain protection, but also protection against more serious common types of damage caused by water ingress (penetration), including efflorescence, salt spalling, freeze-thaw spalling, and picture framing.”

You can visit Dry-Treat’s website here:

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