Grey is the New White: What’s Trending in Kitchen Design

For years, people were selecting darker granites, earthy tones and putting them with darker cabinets but today that has completely flipped. The modern and traditional trend in countertops now is lights, whites, greys, and can incorporate beige and “greige” accents in the stone, splash, and paint. Greige is a warm toned grey that can be mixed with earthy tones. This opens up the space and makes it feel larger, airy and modern. This color palette goes just as well with traditional or modern, even contemporary.

Choosing white kitchen cabinets along the perimeter and a grey or espresso island cabinet opens you up to mixing stones in the same space. You could choose something calm at the perimeter like quartz (aka engineered stone) that makes for a great workhorse countertop that is virtually indestructible and requires no maintenance. At the island select something more impressive like a Statuary, Borghini or Calacatta marble with an upgrade edge. This will give you an updated look and be a bit more cost conscious.

Marble has been used for hundreds of years in European kitchens. Visit castles in France and you will see marble countertops that are literally hundreds of years old. Marble requires some maintenance and care, but the aesthetic and luxury of real marble makes that extra care worth it. Our Natural Stone Designs consultants will discuss with you the pros and cons of all materials to help you find the perfect stone for your new countertops. 

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