The Difference Between Soapstone and Marble

Difference Between Soapstone and Marble 

If you have opted for natural stone or even engineered quartz for your kitchen or bathroom remodeling project, you will enjoy the beauty of either choice for a very long time.

Two currently popular natural stone countertops are soapstone and marble countertops. They are similar in many ways, but there are differences that must be considered.

Soapstone tends to be muted and darker than the sophistication of marble, presenting a pale, cloudy look, because it contains a considerable amount of talc — but that is part of its allure for many homeowners.

Marble is known as a metamorphic rock which means that the rock forms from limestone and other common stones in that location. Pressure and heat from the earth will eventually transmute into marble.

Soapstone is a softer stone and makes it more susceptible to scratches, but there are many ways to overcome that weakness. Since it is more pliable, it is less likely to crack under its own weight and shallow scratches can easily be buffed out. There is no sealing required, as is for marble. Soapstone may not have the elegance of marble, but it holds its own unique allure and charm. 






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