Types of Sinks for Kitchen and Bath

1. Undermount Sink:  Built to add a seamless finish to granite or marble countertops. This type of sink is anchored below the countertops with metal anchors. High strength epoxy or silicone caulk and provides the strength to hold the Undermount sink in position for a lifetime of leak free performance.  Popular choices are stainless steel but many models come in copper. Single, double and even triple Undermount sinks are available.

2. Drop-In Sink: Just as its name suggests, the sink is dropped into the countertop. This type of sink is also called “self-rimming” and is found in many older homes.  Drop-in sinks are made of stainless steel, enameled cast iron, vitreous china, and porcelain.

3. Farmhouse Sink: This type of sink is reminiscent of yesteryear kitchens when large meals were cooked for a big family. It was very practical and still is today. Farmhouse sinks are also called “apron sink” but not because it reminds us of grandma’s house; instead nickname came about because of the designs. These sinks are still popular today and most emulate the authentic, original design and will go for a white, ceramic, or fireclay model.  Farmhouse sinks are also available in other materials – the most popular being stainless steel and copper.

4. Composite Sink: With heat resistance of 535 degrees Fahrenheit, busy cooks need not worry about hot pans ruining the sink’s surface. Available in a huge array of top designer colors, you can find a composite sink to match nearly any décor or decorating preference. If you’re looking for durability, composite sinks are a good choice.

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