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What makes Italian Carrara White Marble the Most Sought-after Marble in the World?

The history of this beautiful Italian marble dates back prior to Roman times when the stones had to be transported from the Apuan Alps in north-central Italy. The process was very cumbersome but worthwhile to the recipients.

Marble, or metamorphosed limestone, is a beautiful natural stone. It has been in existence for millions of years, hidden in the ground until humans brought it to light. The color and boldness of the veins vary with the amount and type of minerals that are present in the limestone. This varies based on the location of the marble, making every marble slab completely unique. The marble’s special luster — as well as its versatility — has always been loved by artists, architects, and designers.

Italian marble is the finest in the world, sought-after mostly by Americans who are awe inspired by its beauty, magnificence, and history.

We, at Natural Stone Designs, will install this unique, luxurious Italian marble in your home. It is guaranteed to garner compliments for many years to come.