Tips for Luxurious Bathrooms

For most people, the most relaxing place in their house isn’t their living room… it’s their bathroom. To achieve this atmosphere, you need the best team from consultants to installers we at Natural Stone Designs will help you every step of the way.

We all have different size bathrooms but with the right material, we can transform it into the relaxing escape you deserve. We recently launched our current inventory on our website to make things easier for our customers. Simply click the ‘granite’ tab and you will find a variety of colors, sizes, and finishes. The origin of each material is also included.

Whether you are building or remodeling your bathroom here are some tips.

The most common thickness used in a bathroom is 2cm as it helps with not only esthetics but maintaining a strong foundation. There are different types of edges but straight is amongst the most popular in bathrooms.

When choosing between finishes we recommend honed for the vanity. Honed is a matte finish that gives the surface a smooth but non-reflected look. If you prefer a sleek and shiny look then a polished finished would be your best option.

Granite has a range of colors to choose from white, green, blue, gold, brown, and black.
Marble includes shades of white, brown, grey, green, red, and black.

Granite has a durable surface that does not damage with water.
Marble requires extra care as it is more appealing than durable.
If used in a bathroom be cautious of perfumes, colognes, and hair products as staining can occur.

Drop-in, undermount, and other styles of sinks are available based on preference.

If budget is a concern for the bathroom look you desire than ask our sales consultant for our current remnants. These work perfect for a small bathroom as they are leftover pieces of slabs. If an entire slab is not used in the bathroom you can also save money by adding the reaming piece to a different area.


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