Meet Kelly McLaughlin

As Senior Sales Representative and Designer of Natural Stone Designs, Kelly McLaughlin has seen a lot of changes in the industry, mostly due to economic decisions made on behalf of suppliers. The economic downturn of 2008 caused suppliers to delete most of their 2 cm options, with very few of them left today. 

With three years at Natural Stone Designs and another eight years at Owner Jose Rodriquez’s former businesses, Kelly has made a name for herself.  Her ethics are with quality, knowledge, and professionalism, knowing that Natural Stone Designs can stand on its own two feet when it comes to all of it, including a high degree of integrity. 

A story along these lines told by Ms. McLaughlin follows: 

“The picture of the kitchen in this article was the most challenging design job of my career. Our client wanted all veins to match at seams, had a U-shaped kitchen and book-matched slabs. Everything combined created a challenge that I had never been faced with. Even suppliers were at a loss to help me. I decided to work on it myself and after 18 hours, all the pieces of the puzzle finally came together. I spent another 10 hours working with suppliers to make it work. Even though we experienced some difficult challenges, the client’s vision was actualized. When I saw the final product, I got a little bit choked up.” 

Working at Natural Stone Designs has made Kelly McLaughlin a better person, both professionally and personally. “I like to grow on every level, every day. And, I always welcome a challenge because I am good at solving them.”

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