Chris Bunch

Although Chris Bunch is the newest addition to Natural Stone Designs’ Sales Team, he already feels part of our work family. He has studied our company history and says that he can see the end result of what the company has become over the years, which he believes is a fine-tuned machine that produces stunning creations for homeowners. When an order is turned in, the processes that take place are time efficient and structured extremely well.

“The system that is in place did not happen overnight. It was created after many ups and downs to get to this point. It is one of a myriad of reasons that Natural Stone Designs is above all the rest, and a big reason I love working here,” Chris says.

His customer base includes designers that work on high-end remodels, yet he also loves working on commercial projects. He knows that Natural Stone Designs has the most professional installers with years of experience – and pictures to prove it, so he feels comfortable approaching any potential client because he knows the end result will always go beyond customer expectations.

He hasn’t been with the company long enough to have many stories, but his favorite to date is when he and owner of Natural Stone Designs, Jose Rodriquez, drove to a job site together and bid on a flooring job. While they were there, Chris was impressed the way Jose spoke to the client and put him at ease, ensuring him that the project is in good hands with us, that he will receive the highest level of care. Mr. Rodriquez came up with multiple solutions for that project. Solutions that the designer and contractor had not thought of and could easily stand by.

Although it’s a simple story, it shows the company’s creativity, integrity and willingness to grow in a market that continually changes and expands. Chris is sure that he is with the right company and that he – like Natural Stone Designs – will continue to reach his highest potential.

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