Brass is Back

As we watch trends come and go, brass is holding strong into 2018, and mixing metals is the new design trend!

Are you afraid to go that bold?  Rose gold can ease you into the brass trend. 

Brass will bring your kitchen or bath to the next level.  I know it makes you think of the early 90’s when you think brass but it will add shine and glamour.  Don’t be afraid to add that extra touch to your kitchen or bath.

Here are 5 ways you can add brass to your kitchen or bath:

  1. Elevate your hardware:  Hardware is like jewelry for your kitchen interior. Drawer pulls, knobs, handles, they all can be used to add character to the room’s decor, so don’t miss any of them. When adding brass hardware to your kitchen pay attention to color. Look for tones that complement the room’s overall color palette. Against gray cabinets and white tile, brass hardware can really shine.
  2. Light it up:  Lighting is the perfect way to add metallics to your space without going over the top. With the right finish, these pieces can make quite a visual impression while the lighting sets just the right mood. Brass pendants, golden chandeliers, and copper lighting can all add a touch of luxury to the kitchen’s overall decor. Hung over an island or a bar, they are the perfect accent pieces for bringing a bit of sophisticated glimmer to every meal.
  3. Have you thought of a brass vent-a-hood:  Adding metallics to your kitchen is the perfect opportunity to look for pieces that have both form and function. This beautiful oversized brass hood can be a bold accessory for any kitchen while also serving as a useful addition to an oven range. Pick brass elements that can be the star of your kitchen’s decor. While wonderful for clearing the air, this hood is also the focal point of this kitchen redesign, adding a shimmering element to a modern, rustic space.
  4. Mirror Mirror on the wall: Metallic will really bring your mirrors to life in the bathroom.  It is bold, it adds some glitz and will make you feel like a movie star every time you look in the mirror. 
  5. Golden Faucets:  Every accessory in your kitchen and bath is eligible for a brass upgrade. Especially the faucets. Keep an eye out for brass or gold-plated brass faucets that can be added as decorative elements to your kitchen and bath decor. These pieces look especially striking against an all-white backsplash where the brass can really shine.
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